Save and Subscribe

What is Save and Subscribe?

THENA's Save and Subscribe offer is the most convenient way for you to get the products you want delivered to you on a regular schedule. The service is easy to use and customizable, so you can make changes online whenever you need. To top it off, you will receive 15% off and Free Shipping on all Save and Subscribe orders (US only)!

You always have complete control over your Save and Subscribe orders. You can change your delivery frequency, next order date, or quantity anytime by visiting 'Subscriptions' page when logged into your account. Changes to orders can be made up to two business days prior to the next scheduled shipment date.

How Do I avail product subscriptions?

It can be done while reviewing items in your shopping cart. To subscribe, simply select the Save and Subscribe option for your desired product, select your preferred frequency, and then check out as normal. Please note that you must have an account to use this feature.

What will happen after subscribe?

You will receive an email confirming your subscription. This email will include a link to access the 'Subscriptions' section in your account where you can manage your subscriptions.

Your save and subscribe orders will automatically be processed at your selected frequency, with a reminder email sent out 10 days prior to the scheduled date.

How do I make changes to my Subscription?

You can change your next order date, skip an order, change your selected frequency, or cancel a subscription by visiting the 'Subscriptions' section when logged into your account. Please note, all changes to your Subscriptions must be made at least 2 business days in advance of the next shipment in order to process on time.

Change an order date:

To change your next order date, please visit the 'Subscriptions' tab within your Account Dashboard and click the 'Change Date' button to the right of the next order date then select a new date for your order. This will change the order date for the entire order.

Skip an order:

To skip a subscription order, visit the 'Subscriptions' tab within your Account Dashboard and click the 'Skip Order' button to skip the entire order. The order will be delivered on the next scheduled subscription date.

Cancel an order that has already been placed:

Our online orders process immediately to ensure our clients receive their products as soon as possible. As a result, we are unable to cancel or modify your order once submitted. Please read our information about cancelling orders here.

Change shipment frequency:

To modify the delivery frequency for a subscription item, please visit the 'Subscriptions' tab within your Account Dashboard. To change the delivery frequency for an individual item, simply click the frequency dropdown next to the item and select your desired frequency.

Cancel subscription:

To cancel a subscription item, please visit the 'Subscriptions' tab within your Account Dashboard and click the "Stop Replenishment" option located under where the quantity and frequency are listed next to each product. Your subscription will be cancelled and no future orders will be placed. You will receive an email notification confirming this action.

Please allow up to two business days for any modifications or cancellations to be processed.

What types of payments are accepted for Save and Subscribe?

All subscriptions require a credit or debit card payment. The default card on your account will be used as the payment method. Alternative payment forms, such as PayPal, cannot be accepted.

What will happen if my Save and Subscribe item is on sale?

Each Save and Subscribe item order automatically receives 15% off year round. This promotional offer does not stack with other promotional offers. If you want to take advantage of a promotional offer outside of your 15% off , you may skip your subscription order by using the ‘Skip Order’ option in your ‘Subscription’ section of your account and place your order manually through standard checkout.