The Natural Remedy for Rashes

With the pollution levels escalating at a dramatic rate, skin rashes, and allergies are also on the rise. Among these diseases, some of the common rashes include eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. You might have heard of these diseases, but it’s surprising how few people actually know their details. Normally these diseases are caused by disorders called inflammation of the skin. This leads to the development of rashes on variable regions of the body. It may occur on the face, on the hands, or on any other part of the body. This can be really hectic.

Although there are many chemical treatments for these rashes, you need to consider the fact that these creams can have side effects as well. Not only can they cause immediate harm, but there may be long-term consequences of these chemical remedies. A better way to go about the problem is to consider the natural options. These remedies are effective and have the advantage of being free of any side effects whatsoever.

The traditional treatment of these skin rashes involves the use of cortisone, which is a steroid. The name alone raises a red flag. These steroids act on the body to decrease inflammation, redness, and the itching of the skin. At the same time, however, steroids do not come without risks. They have unpredictable consequences. They can lower your immunity by suppressing your white blood cells. This does get rid of the rash, but at the same time, it makes your body susceptible to the many diseases in your surroundings. All those diseases that were not a danger to you at all, become potentially hazardous.

Besides this, steroids affect your kidneys also. They have a water retaining effect which alters the functions of the kidney to make them retain more salt and water leading to disruption of your water balance. This can give rise to severe problems that can involve your heart, lead to edema and may have even more sinister consequences. Aside from all of this, the cortisone itself can cause further allergies and hypersensitivities, which is a whole other problem.

On the other hand, there are the natural creams and remedies, made from natural ingredients to avoid all these side effects. These remedies soothe the skin by detoxifying the harmful radicals that are the core cause of the rashes. They also have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect mediated through natural means to cure the rash without the risk of worsening the condition. In addition to all of this, these remedies have a nutritive effect on the skin too, which helps replenish the health of this important barrier.

Clearly, the natural creams carry much more benefits than the traditional chemicals. Yes, their use may be unavoidable at times, but you do need to consider the possible risks of exposing your body to these chemicals. The natural remedies have proven to be safe and effective alternatives to steroid creams. Why choose something with known side effects when you can have your cure the natural way? Go natural.